Introducing the Skyetel API

Be Awesome… programmatically. We are very excited to announce v1 of the Skyetel API. With the API, you are able to interact with our network


Introducing Skyetel Porting 2.0

Behold! Porting 2.0 Today we are happy to announce a completely new version of the Skyetel Port In request form. This new version streamlines the


Skyetel’s 2019 Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays From Skyetel! We are very excited about the upcoming holidays and want to make sure our team gets to spend time with their


Spam Call Filter Update!

Behold! Spam Filter Whitelist/Blacklist and… more granular control over what is marked as Spam oh.. and.. now you can pass through calls with “SPAM: ”


Introducing Port Orders

Now You Can Finally See All Your Ports! Today we are excited to announce that you are (finally!) able to view all of your active

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