Behold! Porting 2.0

Today we are happy to announce a completely new version of the Skyetel Port In request form. This new version streamlines the entire process of porting in and speeds up our porting while letting you have better control of the time between the time you submit the port and when it completes.

With Porting 2.0:

Numbers you submit to Skyetel are automatically imported into Skyetel so you can immediately route your numbers and their features and settings prior to the FOC date:

In addition to being able to reconfigure your phone numbers, now you can quickly retrieve them from our Port Orders menu so you can make changes to your settings:

Important Note

Because this new process automates a lot of what we used to do manually, things that used to happen when a port completed now happens when a port is submitted. We will now verify your Port In promo code and charge for your Port In upon submission of the request rather than after the port completes. Please keep this in mind when you submit a new port order 🙂

We hope you like this new port in process as much as we do! Just wait till you get to see what is coming just in time for Christmas 🙂