Introducing Users

With Users, you can now invite additional administrators to your Skyetel account without having to contact Skyetel Support. Furthermore, you can see the locations of their most recent sign in, enable and disable their access, and delete users at the drop of a hat.

You can check out the new Users page here:

oh, and there’s more…

And Also Introducing… MFA!

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) has been one of our most requested features for over a year. Now that we have rolled out our integration with Auth0, you are now able to enroll your users in MFA in order to protect the security of your account.

For our initial release, we only support SMS verification but have plans to roll out additional MFA methods later this year. Furthermore, we will also be allowing for Federated Identity soon too; so you’ll be able to sign in via your Google or Microsoft account.

We hope you love these new awesome features as much as we do!