Call Recording & Transcription

Insanely scalable call recording at the click of a button. What’s better than being able to listen to all of your calls? Being able to read them. Optional Call Transcription allows you to have your calls transcribed.

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Fax to Email

Build on 100% T.38, you can configure your phone numbers to route straight to a Skyetel Fax Server. You can then choose to keep them on our portal, or email a secure download link to a specified email address.

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Never miss an attempt to hear from your customers – Send and Receive SMS and MMS via our API, or configure your phone numbers to forward SMS and MMS messages to an external phone number or e-mail

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Voicemail Transcription

One of our favorite features – configure your PBX to use a Skyetel SMTP server and we’ll catch the voicemail mid-flight, transcribe it, and reattach it to the email. You can even add a variable to the body of your email to make it look pretty.

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Spam Call

Stop spam calls in their tracks. With Skyetel’s Spam Filter, you can choose to reject spam calls before it ever hits your phone system. Feeling nefarious? Send Spam calls to a Skyetel Lenny Server and enjoy the fun. Read More


Since introducing the Skyetel International Fraud engine, we have prevented 100% (100%!!) of all fraud attempts to international destinations. Set incredibly precise restrictions on a per-user basis and call internationally without worry. Read More


Use Skyetel’s e911 service to enable your phone numbers for 911. Never worry again if your users can reach emergency services – you can even test that 911 is working by optionally dialing 933. Read More