Wholesale SIP Trunks for Awesome People

Lower Your Rates.

Increase Your Awesome.

We are a nation-wide SIP Trunk Provider that excels where it counts; high availability, great call quality, and powered entirely by renewable energy.

  • Wholesale Per Minute Rates
  • Fantastic Customer Service
  • The World’s Easiest Porting. Seriously.
  • No Contracts and No Minimums
  • 100% Uptime since 2014

We Are A SIP Trunk Provider for Awesome People.

Bleeding Edge VoIP Technology

Industry-challenging Innovation

From our finely-tuned call quality to our fresh interfaces, we’re constantly optimizing the whole experience.

VoIP Carrier with Best Service

Old-world Service Standards

Call us old-fashioned, but we’re all about earning your business every day.

Why Skyetel

Nationwide VoIP Carrier

(Very) High Availability

Our network consists of highly available data centers in different geographic locations. Our network balances its traffic evenly across all regions and has never been at more than 15% capacity. We’ve also never had an outage.

Beautiful Interface

Skyetel has an industry leading, mobile friendly UI that beautifully navigates all of our features. With it you can configure every feature we offer, check our network’s health and read through our comprehensive knowledge base.

VoIP Endpoint Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring

The Skyetel network proactively monitors the status of your PBX and alerts you if it becomes unreachable. If a failure is detected, Skyetel can failover to a different server or phone number instantly and without intervention.

g722 VoIP Carrier

High Quality SIP Trunks

Our SIP Trunks accept and transmit in full G.722 as well as G.711. Even better, Since our network does not sit in the audio path of the call, your calls are routed through the fewest possible legs to the outside world.

World Class Customer Service

The Skyetel support team is wholly US Based and includes experts from all over the country. You can call into our support line or send us an email at anytime and someone you’ll love will help you right away.

We hate waiting for support just as much as you do. In 2017, our average first response time was about 20 minutes to a new ticket, and our average resolution time was 1.2 hours. Whether you need help with audio issues or PBX configurations, our support team is ready and willing to tackle any issue you throw at them.

No matter the size of your business, our support is free and it always will be. We believe we should earn your business every day.

VoIP Tech Support


Avg. Response Time

VoIP Customer Service

1h 12m

Avg. Resolution

Best VoIP Carrier

Best Reviewed


Best VoIP Carrier

Award Winning

VBJ Best Business

Don’t miss out on Wholesale Rates.

The Skyetel Network was purpose built to serve awesome people like you. Let us prove it – if we don’t lower your SIP Trunk rates, we’ll send you a gift card to Starbucks.

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