Winter Feature Roundup

New Features We are very excited to introduce these new features to the Skyetel Network. SkyeFax On Demand Porting Now you can call into our


An Update about 988

Much of this notice is copied from the FCC’s website as a Public Service Announcement for Skyetel Customers. 988 And Suicide Prevention On July 16,


Introducing Dark Mode

Let There Be Dark We’re nerds too, and nothing is worse than having your night vision scorched by a rude website. That is why we


Let’s talk about STIR/SHAKEN

Overview STIR/SHAKEN is the protocol designated by the FCC for carriers like Skyetel to use to verify the validity of the Caller ID data being


Introducing SIP Registration

Today we are excited to announce our newest feature – SIP Registration. SIP Registration allows you to connect your PBX to the Skyetel Network without

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