Now You Can Finally See All Your Ports!

Today we are excited to announce that you are (finally!) able to view all of your active and archived port requests from within our portal! No more crazy email threads that are easy to loose track of, and no more needing to remember which email was about which port request.

With today’s update, you will be able to search through your active port requests, get a quick overview of the status of each one, and see when the most recent update was. Even better – you’ll be able to click on the request to go straight to the whole thread inside of Zendesk. This will let you correspond with us without ever having to use your email!

This update is one of a few planned for our Port In process that will streamline everything for you. Soon, you’ll be able to automatically pre-configure and route your phone numbers without us having to add them into your account. Oh… and so much more 🙂