Introducing Conference Bridges

Behold! Conference Bridging

Today we are excited to announce our newest feature, Conference Bridges!

With Conference Bridges, you are able to configure a phone number to route to a Skyetel Managed Conference center. In each center, you can create dedicated rooms for different departments or customers.

What’s even cooler – Conference Bridges syncs with your Tenants. This means that when callers call into a conference center that is associated with a Tenant, that Tenant’s name is used in the greeting. For example – if a caller calls a phone number registered with the Tenant “Winterfell Bagels” then the Conference Center will greet them with “Thank you for calling the Winterfell Bagels Conference Center.” Now your customers can market their own name instead of some third party.

In cases where the phone number is not associated with a Tenant, the Conference Bridge will greet callers using your own company name. So if your Skyetel Customer name is “Tatooine Tacos” then the Conference Center will greet you with “Thank you for calling the Tatooine Tacos Conference Center.” No mention of Skyetel, and no mention of any third parties. 🙂

Conference Centers also support other Skyetel Features, including Call Recording and Call Transcription. This way you can have your conference calls saved, all without ever touching a PBX.

We’re sure you will love it as much as we do. You can read all the technical mumbo jumbo here