You Are Awesome

This email was sent out to all Skyetel customers on Wednesday, March 19. We decided to share this with our blog readers as well. Stay healthy and keep your head up; we’re going to get through this. 


Like many of you, I have had dozens and dozens of emails from all kinds of companies telling me how great their new work from home policies are, and how I shouldn’t be worried about them. This is not that kind of email.

Instead, I want to explain why you are awesome.

In the last 30 days, a lot has changed; borders are shut, people are sick, there’s fear of economic challenges, and suddenly your support departments are a lot busier than they expected to be. When times go from stable to crazy, everyone looks to the best among us to fix it.

You are that person.

You are the person who takes the calls after hours to put out fires. You are the person who always goes the extra mile to keep your customers and team members running smoothly. You are the person who crawls under the desks, gets on the late hour flights, and works on Christmas. In times of fear and chaos, you are the person who makes sure everyone can work from home, even if their internet kind-of sucks.

Things are crazy right now, but I know that we’re all going to be fine. I know this because of how many awesome people we have the privilege of calling customers. I see the late night tickets, late night testing phone calls, and all those PBXs that get upgraded and swapped out on Christmas. The world is going to calm down, and it will recover; all because of people like you putting in the hours to make it so things go back to normal.

So as the chaos continues, I want to warmly remind you, You Are Awesome. Thank you for every late night, and every missed dinner with your family.



President of Skyetel
(360) 986-5200