An Update On Our Canada Network

End-to-End Canadian Routing now Default

Last year we announced our 4th Skyetel Region in Montréal (Skyetel NE) and the introduction of our Canadian network. Today, we are happy to announce a big update to that network.

Effective today, all outbound calls placed to Canadian numbers route through Canada-Only Networks and only use US networks for failover. Even cooler, we are happy to finally announce that the Skyetel NE Region (located in Montréal) will begin routing calls to Canadian numbers. This means that it’s now possible to route 100% of your traffic from within the Canadian Border.

Lastly, we are very excited to announce the depreciation of our legacy US/Canada hybrid network. All new ports will be route exclusively with Canadian carriers, and we will be turning off our legacy hybrid network effective May 31, 2020.

Important things to know:

  1. You don’t need to do a thing, all of this happens behind the scenes. You should notice a reduction in your PDD for Canadian calling along with lower latency when calling Canadian destinations.
  2. It is still possible for your calls to route through the United States in cases of failover.
  3. In the coming months, we will introduce an option that will let you disable routing on US Networks in order for your call’s audio to remain in Canada. (This effectively turns off US failover mentioned above)
  4. Please make sure you have configured our 4th Region on your PBX. (You can double check that your PBX can receive inbound calls from our NE Region by making sure you see 4 green dots on our Endpoint Health page).

We are very excited to continue our expansion into Canada to serve our Canadian Friends. We have even more exciting developments on the way for later this year. Stay tuned 🙂