Introducing The Telecom Tax Calculator

Introducing The Telecom Tax Calculator

Today we are excited to announce our newest feature, Telecom Tax Calculator!

With the Skyetel Telecom Tax Calculator, you can privately calculate how much you should be charging your end users in taxes and fees to be compliant with local regulations. This is a perfect tool to learn all of the things you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask 🙂

Using the Skyetel Calculator is super easy. All you have to do is specify the ZIP code of the end user that you are billing, and all of the telecom services you are offering:After you click calculate, the Tax Calculator will return a result and show you what taxes are owed and where they should be remitted:

A special thanks to CSI

The Tax Rating Data that this calculator uses is owned by CSI, and they are graciously letting us offer it to our customers for their own research and planning. We have many more exciting products coming down the pipeline that we are very excited about – stay tuned 🙂

Learn More

You can can get more details about the Tax Calculator on our Knowledge Base here.