Introducing End User Billing

We are overwhelmingly excited to introduce the most important feature we’ve released in years. End User Billing allows you to bill end users for your services, collect all the correct telecom taxes and automate the process of billing for usage. All for free.

Epic Billing & Payment Collection

The End User Billing system uses data we calculate for you from the End User Statements in order to send invoices on your behalf using quantities pulled from your Tenant’s Statement.

For example – if you want to bill your end user for their inbound usage, you can simply select that option in their Billing Profile and we will use their inbound usage as the quantity and bill the unit cost you specify.

The End User Billing System also features dozens of Products that are pre-configured for compliance and ease of use. Everything from SIP Trunk Channels to Hosted PBX Seats can be billed from this tool.

However – what good is a billing system if you can’t get paid easily? Well, with End User Billing, you can automatically charge your customer’s Credit Card when their invoice is generated.

Funds are immediately placed in your Stripe account, and you get your cash as soon as 2 days.

Fully Tax Compliant

The most common concern customers have when billing their end users is Tax Compliance. With End User Billing, you can include all of the State, Local, Federal, Sales and TRS taxes onto your invoice automatically.

The Tax Data is generously provided to us by Compliance Solutions Incorporated – so you know that you are in safe hands when it comes to your taxes. Even more significantly, the End User Billing system generates monthly remittance reports that you can use to file all of the taxes you collected from your end users:

Even better, for our existing customers already using CSI, you can now generate all of the Tax Reports CSI needs from you to handle your remittance at the single click of a button.

End User Billing is FREE

Best of all – We are offering Tenant Billing completely for free to all Skyetel customers who are using us as their carrier for their customers.

Learn more

Tenant Billing is one of the largest and most sophisticated features we’ve ever built. Please check out the following guide to learn more: Tenant Billing – Overview