Postcards 1.1 Now Available!

Postcards 1.1 is now available!

Postcards is an application that allows you to offer your users a GUI for SMS. Postcards is open source, free, and available to anyone who wants to say hello to someone via SMS today.

Version 1.1 includes a mountain of bug fixes, and these awesome new features!

New Features:

  • Users can Upload Contacts via CSV
  • We’ve added the ability to search through messages & contacts
  • We’ve added the ability to send Emojis
  • You can now create conversation Templates that you may reuse. This is perfect for appointment reminders or business hour answers.
  • Introducing Announcements – this allows you to send the same message to multiple phone numbers. This is perfect for school closures or snow days!
  • Introducing Auto Reply – now you can automatically send auto-replies to people who send you an SMS
  • Introducing SMS Schedule – now you can send an sms on a preset schedule.
  • We added the ability to notify users that they’ve received an SMS by email using your SMTP servers

Bug Fixes

  • All images are automatically scaled if they are larger than 1.5mb
  • You can finally archive conversations you no longer care about
  • We streamlined minor-version updates.
  • Other big fixes and security updates not big enough to mention 🙂

Download Postcards here: