Introducing The Tenant Portal

At last, our first brand-able, user portal…

The Tenant Portal.

We are so excited to announce the official release of the Tenant Portal. The Tenant Portal provides an easy way for you to build out your own customized portal for each of your tenants. Each tenant will have their own branded portal which contains only the information relevant and important specifically to them while allowing you as the administrator complete control over who sees what in regards to features and functionality within those portals.

Skyetel created the tenant portal so you can provide your end users with an easy way to access their phone numbers, view their call recordings, faxes and transcripts in one place. The user interface is simple enough that even non-technical people can understand it! You can also control which features each tenant has access to by setting up custom permissions on a per user basis (ie: customize for one of your customers to use the fax service features only).  The Skyetel Tenant Portal gives you full control over users’ accounts from one central location.

Read all about how it works on our knowledge base: