Oh Snap. A huge update. Seriously. It’s gigantic.

We’ve been very busy! We are excited to announce the following new features immediately available on Skyetel.

Call Recording

Record Calls from our network with no storage fees. Seriously. No Storage Fees. Crazy. More Info

SMS Logging

Now you can see your Sent/Received SMS and MMS history in our portal. Read More


Built on our own T.38, we now have Fax -> Email support + a cool new location where Faxes are stored. More Info

Call Transcription

What’s better than a recorded call? A transcribed one. Its so much faster to read than to listen. More Info

SNMP Monitoring

Now you can monitor the CPU, Disk Usage and Memory of your endpoints via SNMP. For Free. Read More

Oh, that’s not all…

Also included in this update:

  1. T.38 Support – We have enabled T.38 on about 75% of our phone numbers and have a new T.38 Gateway for your faxing needs. More info
  2. Endpoint Round Robin – For those of you with your own SBCs, now you can use round robin instead of using Primary & Failover. More info
  3. Channel Utilization Graph – Now you can see how many channels you are using on our network. (Its on the dashboard!)
  4. Export CDRsFinally! Now you can export your CDRs from our network with all of the billing information associated with your call usage.
  5. LENNY! – For those who want to get back at the robocallers, you can now send the calls to a Skyetel Lenny server. We’ll email you the recordings for your enjoyment :). More Info
  6. Spam SIP Header – For those power users who want more control over what to do with Spam calls, now you can configure our network to deliver spam calls to your endpoint with a special SIP Header so you can route them yourself. More Info
  7. Postcards – Now you can configure Postcards with your own name & logo. More Info
  8. Out Of Service Numbers – We made it much easier to tell if a number is not routed correctly from the portal
  9. Block Hidden Caller ID – We made it super easy to block inbound calls with no caller ID.
  10. Boring Bug Fixes – These aren’t sexy, but they are important. 🙂

Skyetel Out!