Awesome Services for Resellers

Skyetel is highly focused on VoIP Service Providers and value-added resellers. Just getting started? Great! We'd love to work with you too.

Reseller Pricing

Relationship Pricing is a cornerstone of our company.

Relationship Pricing plans are customized rates based on your needs. We do not require written contracts or minimum commitments. We provide tailored pricing and customized services for resellers, wholesalers, voip service providers, and referral partners.

There are no volume requirements to qualify for relationship pricing – just that you offer technical/telecom services to your customers.

Not a Reseller?
Not a Problem.

If you are not a reseller but are tech-savvy and autonomous, we have Business Pricing below.


Local Numbers
Toll Free Numbers
SMS Enable Number
$0.10 / number

One-Time Charges

Phone Number Activation
$1.00 / activation
Local Toll Free Activation
$1.00 / activation
Port In Request
$10.00 / number

Volume Discounts

If you have a large business that has a lot of call traffic, let us know! We can work with you to make sure you save money by switching to Skyetel.


Inbound Calls to Local Numbers
$0.01 / minute
Inbound Calls to Toll Free Numbers
$0.0175 / minute
Inbound Caller ID Lookups
$0.004 / lookup
Outbound Domestic Calls
$0.012 / minute
Outbound Calls to Toll Free Number
Voicemail Transcriptions
$0.10 / voicemail


Receive SMS Message
$0.01 / message
Send SMS Message
$0.01 / message
Receive MMS Message
$0.02 / message
Send MMS Message
$0.02 / message

Let's Get Started

Skyetel has risk-free sign up. There are no upfront costs, minimums, or commits of any kind.