Our Renewable Energy Commitment

Skyetel is committed to making sure the energy we use to power our network is 100% renewable and carbon neutral. Every year, we buy much more than 100% of our energy needs in renewable energy. For 2018, we purchased 1 GW/h of Solar and Wind energy – this is enough to power 100 American homes for a year.

In addition to purchasing renewable energy for our data centers, we also purchase renewable energy for all of our employee’s energy needs. This means that not only is Skyetel the company 100% powered by renewable energy, but all of its employees are, too.

Verified by Third Parties

Our renewable energy commitment was made possible by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In addition, all renewable energy purchased by Skyetel is Green-E certified. This stringent certification means that the energy we purchase is accurately accounted for and successfully delivered to our energy grid.

You can download a copy of our purchase contract here
You can download a copy of purchase certificate here
You can see our EPA Certificate of Partnership here

Our Carbon Negative Commitment

We believe that Global Warming is a grave threat to our planet and our way of life. As such, Skyetel purchases enough carbon offsets to exceed our carbon emissions in order to be a negative emitter. Put simply, we remove more carbon from our atmosphere than we put in it every year.

Just like our Renewable Energy Commitment, Skyetel purchases carbon offsets for all of its employees in addition to what it needs for its own operations. This means that all of Skyetel’s employees are living Carbon Negative!

Also Verified by Third Parties

Just like our Renewable Energy commitment, our Carbon Offsets were made possible by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. These Carbon Offsets have been verified by several independent third parties (listed in the below purchase contract) – this means that the carbon Skyetel is buying is accurately accounted for and not released into the atmosphere.

You can download a copy of our purchase contract here
You can download a copy of our purchase certificate here

Upping our game in 2019

New in 2019, Skyetel has increased our ambition. For 2019, in addition to all of the above, we have expanded our mission by contributing to two great organizations. In addition to remaining Carbon Negative, and powered entirely by renewable energy, Skyetel has partnered with One Tree Planted and Conservation International to further contribute to a beautiful planet.

Our partnership with One Tree Planted is simple – we plant trees. A lot of trees. In 2019, we are sponsoring the planting of 1000 trees in Oregon (as close as we could get to our home Washington State :P).

In addition to our commitment to plant trees, we are proud to announce that Skyetel has joined Conservation International’s Emerald Circle – a group of donors who have made significant investments in the mission of Conservation International.

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