End User Billing

Automatically bill your end users for your services… and collect all the taxes too. Skyetel’s End User Billing keeps you to fully compliant with the tax man and automates the entire billing process. Charge credit cards, send invoices, and bill for usage and inventory costs automagically. For Free. Seriously.

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Group your customers together and track their usage – all for free. Even better, let them log into a branded portal with your logo and your domain so they can track their usage themselves.

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PBX Monitoring

Know that a PBX is offline before your customers do. With Skyetel, you can configure alerts for a down PBX. Even better, we’ll even monitor the call QOS & PBX CPU, Memory and Disk to make sure you are in the know. For Free.

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VIP Porting

All of Skyetel’s ports are treated as VIP Ports – this means that we fight on your behalf to port in numbers as aggressively as possible. You’ll see dramatically fewer port rejections and delays with Skyetel and we’ll always keep you in the loop.

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Fraud Prevention

Since introducing the Skyetel International Fraud engine, we have prevented 100% (100%!!) of all fraud attempts to international destinations. Set incredibly precise restrictions on a per-user basis and call internationally without worry.

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T.38 Support

Build your own Fax Server or use an off the shelf system with Skyetel. With our T.38 gateways, you’ll see dramatic improvements sending and receiving your faxes. Read More

Epic Support

In 2019, our average response time to a new ticket was under 20 mins. Our average resolution time was under 80 mins. With response times like that, you’ll forget we are a phone company! Read More

Docs for Days

We do not release a feature without detailed documentation on how it works along with public disclosure of its limitations and bugs. You’ll never be in the dark with how our network works, or its idiosyncrasies. Seriously… check it out